Know a Great Speaker?

If you know a  great speaker who might be of interest to TLL attendees, please let us know by completing the short form below.  


TO SHOW OUR APPRECIATION: If we end up using a speaker you recommended (and not currently on our list), we will offer you a FREE ticket to the next Fall or Spring lecture series. 

                                                                                                                      Recommend a Speaker

Here are some of the things we are looking for:

Speaker Traits

  • knowledgeable and credentialed in area of expertise;

  • engaging and dynamic with excellent speaking skills;

  • previous speaking experience for the purpose of educating, inspiring, entertaining; 

  • talks should be evidence/research-based and respectful of different views.


We are looking for educational topics that will challenge and stimulate attendees and open our minds to new ideas or points of view. We are open to lectures on a variety of topics.  

We are currently looking for great speakers for the following topics:

  • The Big 4: Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon (or any one of them)

  • Recreational Cannibis - industry, consumer perspective, legislation, challenges.

  • Identity theft/fraud

  • Artificial intelligence

  • The future of transportation

Here are other topics that showed strong interest in our Jun 2017 community survey.  

  1. Health (aging, nutrition, memory, technologies, myths, prevention, future living options for older adults)

  2. Science and Technology (new inventions, artificial intelligence, cyber security, forensics, privacy)

  3. Ethics (in medicine, politics, everyday life)

  4. Canadian Issues (changing demographics and public opinion, economy, boomers, Canada and the world)

  5. Contemporary Issues (world crises and hot spots, terrorism, changes in media, Middle East, Russia)

  6. Personal Advice (travel, nutrition, mindfulness, how to make money last)

  7. Art, theatre, music

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