Location of Lectures

Lectures will take place at the Schwartz/Reisman Centre (SRC) located at 9600 Bathurst St. (southwest corner of Bathurst/Lebovic Campus Drive, just north of Rutherford Rd). Get directions here.

  • Multi-Topic series is held in the Shirley Auslander Hall inside the Conference Hall.

  • Single-Topic Series (when offered) is held upstairs in the Community Volunteer Board Room.

SRC is a non-profit community centre that welcomes all denominations.  We are renting comfortable, modern facility space from them. SRC is wheelchair accessible.  

Food:  you are welcome to eat your own food anywhere in the SRC atrium, but only food and drinks purchased on site at the SRC cafe are allowed in the lecture halls. Water with lemon is provided at the lectures.

Shirley Auslander Hall, Schwartz/Reisman Centre

Shirley Auslander Hall, Schwartz/Reisman Centre


PARKING IS FREE for people attending TLL lectures.  Both surface and underground parking are available.

To access parking:  Entering on Lebovic Campus Drive, drive up to the booth.  Tell the attendant you are here for an event (Thornhill Lifelong Learning lecture).  You may be required to show a photo ID for security reasons. 

For surface parking, veer left past the booth then left again to the gate, take a ticket and park. Enter the building at the North Entrance (take your ticket with you). Follow signs to the lecture.

For underground parking, turn left past the booth and go straight past the main North Entrance door.  Underground parking will be on your right at the end of the road. Go underground, take a ticket and park - follow signs to the lecture.  Take your ticket with you.  

To exit after the lecture:  If you are exiting right after the lecture, the exit gates will be open (no ticket needed).  If you stay around to socialize or grab a bite, get your ticket validated at the front Welcome Desk.  Use your ticket to exit the lot. If you have any trouble, push the "help" button at the exit gate and the attendant will help you.  DO NOT PUT your credit card into the machine.  Parking is free for TLL Patrons no matter what time you leave

Overflow Parking

Overflow parking (free) will be available at Kimel School (formerly CHAT) site behind the SRC. It is accessible from Marc Santi and Ilan Ramon. If using that lot, you can enter the SRC through the Lebovic South Main Entrance (back of building).