Our Beliefs and Principles

Target Audience: 

While our learning and enrichment activities are geared to individuals of 50 years and older in Thornhill and surrounding communities, participation is open to all adults.  We embrace the diversity of our community.

Speaker Selection

We seek speakers who are experts in their field based on robust credentials, strong presentation skills, an engaging presentation style and ability to communicate material well to a lay audience.  We vet speakers to the greatest extent possible using a wide variety of methods.

We endeavour to seek out speakers who can provide balanced, evidence-based lectures, where applicable, but understand that most speakers have their own opinions and viewpoints. We do not seek out speakers who ascribe to any particular viewpoint as neither our Board nor our audience is homogenous. 


Our organization is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors which abides by a constitution developed by the founding members and reviewed, from time to time, to adapt to new operating conditions.

Audience Participation Policy:

TLL understands that some may disagree with a speaker’s point of view. We ask that the speakers and fellow members in the audience always be treated respectfully. Disparaging, disrespectful comments or outbursts will not be tolerated.  


We are an independent, not-for-profit incorporated organization and do not support any particular political, commercial or self-serving activities.

Financial Affairs:

We are a financially self-sustaining organization that relies on lecture fees for revenue, while managing affairs responsibly to keep expenses to a minimum and costs to members affordable.

Community Engagement:

We regularly seek community input/feedback on topics, areas of interest and formats for learning and enrichment. We also include an interactive component (Q&A) in each lecture series.


We welcome volunteer participation in a variety of capacities as per the needs of our organization.

The literate of the world in the 21st Century will not be those who can read and write, but those who can learn, unlearn and relearn.

Alvin Toffler