Who We Are

Board of Directors

Board Nov 2018.jpg

From top left (clockwise): Silvia MacCon, Cathy Kreuter, Faygie Goodman, Nora Rothschild, Cheryl Avrich, Judi Bodnoff, Barbara Barak, Monique Isaacson

We are a group of dedicated volunteers from Thornhill and surrounding neighbourhoods with a desire to share our curiousity and love of learning with our community. We are using our diverse professional backgrounds to develop a program of dynamic lectures on timely topics that we hope will engage and challenge participants.

Our Mission

To enrich the lives of those 50+ in Thornhill and surrounding communities through affordable and engaging learning opportunities. 

Our Beginnings

Thornhill Lifelong Learning Inc. began in April 2016 with a group of residents who had an interest in bringing learning and enrichment opportunities to active adults aged 50+ living in Thornhill and its surrounding communities.  We talked to friends, family, neighbours and aquaintances and quickly realized the interest in and demand for such a program.  

Our founding group was aware of a few similar programs within a 40-60 minute commute and wanted to develop a similar program closer to home. 

We are a Member of Third Age Network (TAN) of Ontario

With further research, we discovered the Third Age Network (TAN) of Ontario, an association of 29 groups across Ontario that operate self-managed, non-profit lifelong learning programs in their communities.  Most of these programs sell out within a day of posting registration (clearly there is a thirst for intellectual stimulation and ongoing learning!). TAN and its members continue to provide tremendous support and assistance to our budding organization. 

There are also many similar groups active worldwide - in the USA, in the UK, in Australia, and many other countries, giving us several models for us to consider in our own development.  

The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice.
— Brian Herbert