Community Topic of Interest Surveys

Post Lecture Surveys

Spring 2017

Fall 2017

Spring 2018

  1. April 12: The Trouble With Terror, presented by Dr. Arne Kislenko

  2. April 19: Canada in the World - Past, Present and Future, presented by Dr. Adam Chapnick

  3. April 26: The Amazing Universe, presented by Dr. John Percy

  4. May 3: (special event): My Life as a Washington Correspondent, presented by Daniel Dale

  5. May 10: Dance at the Movies, presented by Michael Crabb

  6. May 17: Artificial Intelligence and Ethics in Health Care, presented by Sally Bean

  7. May 24: Five Ways To A Better Brain: Separating the Science from Myth, presented by Dr. Chris Patterson

 Fall 2018

  1. Survey results of all 6 lectures (Allen-Vercoe, Harris, Roseman, Farber et al, Daley, Braun)

Spring 2019

  1. Multi-topic survey results 2019 (Chapnick, Nafte, Saunders, Gallippi, Mason-Burford)

  2. Single Topic Music series survey results 2019 (Mike Daley)